I grew up in Argentina and currently living in San Francisco.

I spend my days illustrating, cooking, designing, lots of playgrounds and children's books.

Contact  aguscapri@gmail.com




2018 September 15th - October 15th / Cafe St Jorge 3438 Mission St, San Francisco, CA. Series "Giraffes".

2018 / Selected for ArtSpan in Cumaica cafe San Francisco CA. Series "SF city".

2010 / Google offices in San Francisco CA. Series "Nostalgia".

2010 / Cellspace San Francisco CA. Spacecraft show. Series "Yoga".   

2009 / Blank Space gallery Oakland, CA. Event: Holidayland, Artwork "Meditation".

2008 / Cafe Que Tal  San Francisco CA. Series "TunTun".    

2009 / Brewery awakening cafe Berkeley, CA. Series "Nostalgia".   

2006-2007 / Asana Belgrano- Buenos Aires. Permanent exhibit. Series "TunTun".    

2006 / Selected for CEC Rosario (Centro de expresiones contemporaneas) Rosario, Argentina. Event: "De las sombras a la luz" comic "Pajarito en City".